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Roxx on Main Tshirts

Roxx on Main short sleeve tshirts, black emblazoned with white graphics, snug fit, good quality, 100% cotton. Men's regular, or women's V neck shirts. All sizes depending on inventory.

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Or purchase online for $30, plus $5.00 S&H, plus tax

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2024 Collectible Calendar

Dear loyal supporters of the Farmers Market Lovers Calendar, Thanks for asking about the 2024 Farmers Market Lover's Calendar. Our calendar is available and you can order it now. Thanks for your patience!!

Chose your Farmers Market Lover's Calendar, either our latest edition, or from our Legacy Collection, samples below.

Farmers Market Lover's Calendar

The Farmers Market Lovers Calendar Legacy Collection

These beautiful collectible Farmers Market Lover's Calendar legacy editions are full-color and full of Lesley's recipes and knowledge of fruits and vegetables, along with David Johnson's beautiful watercolor illustrations complimenting each page of each wonderful calendar.

Order yours now using the 'Add to Cart' pull-down-form and button above!

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2014 Collectible Calendar

2015 Collectible Calendar

2016 Collectible Calendar

2017 Collectible Calendar

2018 Collectible Calendar

2019 Collectible Calendar

2020 Collectible Calendar

2021 Collectible Calendar

2022 Collectible Calendar

2023 Collectible Calendar