MAY  2017

Friday, May 5th – The Killbillies - energetic rock’n'roll
Saturday, May 6th  - Vinyl Storm – eclectic alternative rock
Thursday, May 11th - (ROMTOM) Roxx on Main Thursday Open Mic - hosted by Scotty O’Neill
Friday, May 12th - Diablo Rhythm Wranglers – Lively Western Swing
Saturday, May 13th - Paul Feia & GarageLand Rodeo – Two acts!
Friday, May 19th - Dave Land & Acoustic Jangle  - Two acts!
Saturday, May 20th – Kevin Radley and Tim Peck - Two acts!
Thursday, May 25th - (ROMTOM) Roxx on Main Thursday Open Mic - hosted by Joe V. Rogers
Friday, May 26th - Bodhi Shrugs  - rampant eclecticism
Saturday, May 27th – Backstories – familiar and obscure mix of songs

JUNE  2017

Friday, June 2nd - Sin Silver - One of a kind talent on piano/vocals
Saturday, June 3rd  - Jim Caroompas - no holds barred music
Thursday, June 8th - (ROMTOM) Roxx on Main Thursday Open Mic

Friday, June 9th - Bruce Brophy & Paul Trombetta - Lively Western Swing
Saturday, June 10th - Slippery Leaves