October  2017

Thursday, October 26th - (ROMTOM) Roxx on Main Thursday Open Mic (host Scotty O’Neill)
Friday, October 27th – Doubleshot: Keith Roberson, plus Acoustic Fog 5
Saturday, October 28th  Double Shot: Alexa Heine, plus Born Lucky

November  2017

Friday, November 3rd - Double Shot: Dave Land plus The Killbillies - two great acts!
Saturday, November 4th  - Double Shot: Shaana Marie plus Paper Kayak - two ways to a great time
Thursday, November 9th - (ROMTOM) Roxx on Main Thursday Open Mic (host Scott Anderson)

Friday, November 10th – Double Shot: Alexa Heine plus Valerie Jay and the Americanos - sangin’ and twangin’
Saturday, November 11th  - Double Shot: Paul Feia, plus Garageland Rodeo - Rock, Blues & Soul
Friday, November 17th - Double Shot: Chris Nauman, plus KC & Ouzo - great singin’ and playin’
Saturday, November 18th  Double Shot: Devin Lacey, plus Graham Day – two great multi-instrumentalists
Roxx will be closed from Thanksgiving (11/23) through the end of November